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  • Dish soap

Dish soap

Disinfection and washing products

Product Description

Dish soap (GB9985-2000)

Executive standard:GB/T 9985-2000
生產許可證: 粵XK16-114-00067

New environmentally friendly materials, stronger detergency
Ingredients: surfactant, food flavor, purified water.
Phosphorus-free environmentally friendly formula, powerfully remove oil stains.
The foam is rich and easy to pass water, refreshing and leaving no residue.
Gentle performance does not hurt the skin, natural lemon fragrance, refreshing and pleasant.

Uses: Used for washing dishes.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place.

 Net weight: 700g, 1.5kg, 20kg

Quality standard



Technical index


Liquid products do not stratify, no suspended matter or sediment


There must be no other peculiar smell, and the flavored products should meet the specified flavor


-3~-10℃, return to room temperature after 24h, no crystallization, no precipitation;

40±1℃,24h no stratification, no turbidity, no change in smell

Total active matter, %


pH(25℃,1% solution)



Not less than standard dishwashing detergent

Optical brightener

Not check out

Methanol, mg/g




Arsenic (arsenic in 1% solution),mg/kg


Heavy metal (lead in 1% solution),, mg/kg


Total number of colonies, Pcs/g


Coliform group, Pcs/100g